Community Outreach

Kitchen on Fire has a heart and soul that reaches far beyond its kitchen doors. Giving back to our community fuels our vitality and best of all, giving back is always in season. A passion for providing culinary and nutritional education, regardless of social situations, drives us to reach out to those most in need. Though we host educational, culinary adventures at our Berkeley based kitchens, you’ll also find us in the community teaching those less fortunate how to feed themselves, their families, and even forge a culinary career.

One of our recent adventures took us out to Contra Costa’s ARC facility. This organization does an amazing job of helping those with developmental disabilities. We had an opportunity to start their day off right with a healthy breakfast cooking demonstration. Check out this cool video from the day –



Cooking Matters is another one of the life changing outreach programs with which Kitchen on Fire partners. Cooking Matters educates low income families on the mechanics of shopping and preparing healthy, nutritious, budget friendly meals. We steer families away from the supermarket’s processed food aisles and help them navigate the colorful and bountiful options available when shopping for real food. By introducing them to the health benefits, budget savings, and delicious nature of whole foods, we can help change the destinies of those possibly facing a lifetime of health issues caused by poor diet. Kitchen on Fire loves helping Cooking Matters with such an important mission. Click here to find out more about our friends at Cooking Matters.

Our customers continued support of Kitchen on Fire goes a long way. We thank you for contributing your culinary dollars to our school, and making it up possible to continually change our customers’ lives as well those less fortunate in our community.