Food Storage Tip


Plastic-Storage600-x-397Plastic food containers are far and away the most popular and cheapest options to keep your meals fresh, but at what cost to your health? All containers will leech into the liquids they hold over time, so it’s up to you to decide what extra goodies you’d like to put into your leftovers. One big trend right now is to buy “non BPA” plastic. BPA is a polymer that has been known to cause cancer, but there are many different polymers aside from BPA that are used in plastics that are just plain bad for you. Just because your bottle says “no BPA”, doesn’t mean it’s a safe container. Our recommendation is to stick to glass and ceramic. They’ll leech into your food too over time, but to a much smaller extent – and glass and ceramic are completely inert in our bodies, meaning they won’t harm you.

By Nutrition Consultant Lisa Miller & Chef Scientist Dan Cordaro