How to cook your Turkey quicker and make it tastier!


Chef Shy presents us with a step by step instructions on how to break down a turkey for a quicker cooking time and less stress. This method for making stuffed turkey breasts is perfect for a family of  4 to 6.

1. Take your brined turkey and place it breast side up. Carefully make an incision between the wings and breasts so you can divide the entire ribcage with the breasts attached.

2. Next, start by inserting a paring knife where the short arrow is and start cutting against the ribcage. The visible bone indicated by the longer arrow is your guide so that you do not cut too much into the meat

Leg part                                                 Breasts part


Note: Keep as much skin as you can from around the breast area so that you can use it to wrap the breasts.







3. After removing the breasts, place them skin side down. Butterfly them and place your stuffing in center.

4. Then, fold in the direction of the arrows.

3. The stuffed breasts ready to be roasted at 375 degrees for 90 to 110 minutes covered loosely in foil. Then remove foil to brown skin at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.


Note: Make sure to oil the foil and turkey skin well so that the foil does not stick to the turkey!





Slicing the stuffed turkey breasts









Note: Don’t throw away the turkey legs! Use it to make a delicious homemade turkey broth to flavor your gravy.

Thanks Chef Shy!