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Tip - Healthy Eating during the Holiday Season!

recipe-2.jpg A Healthy Way to Approach Eating Out for the Holidays ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Dinners and Cocktail Parties! Here are some helpful tips to enjoy the party and the food, without paying for it later.
  1. Enjoy a holiday pre-dinner drink that contains bitters vs. going for the glass of bubbly. The bitters actually originated years ago as a digestive aid. They will help prime your belly for the food to come to enhance digestion.
  2. Start with anything that has some dark greens (i.e., Arugula or Brussel Sprouts) or something fermented or pickled (i.e., Cornichon). This is a continuation of the ‘bitters’ theme. Just like bitters, bitter foods help prime your system to handle the mix of foods that might be coming throughout the evening. Bitters can soothe gas and bloating, relieve heartburn, encourage digestive enzyme, bile and HCL production, relieve upset stomach, help maintain blood sugar levels, and support liver function.
  3. Manage your serving sizes even while snacking. While at a cocktail party consider counting plates based on how much food is on each plate, i.e., if you put about ¼ of a normal dinner serving on your plate. Limit yourself to four plates. Then you will still have a little room for dessert without feeling stuffed or throwing off your system.
  4. If you think there will be a lot of snacks and not much that you are really interested in making into a full dinner portion, eat first! Get in some good healthy protein and fats before leaving home. You can then snack and still feel you have what you need to keep your body going all evening without indulging in things you’d prefer to avoid.
  5. Hydrate! Hydrate all day and during the party as well. You will thank yourself the next day!
  Lisa M Miller, BS, NC Certified Nutrition Consultant

Tip: Split-Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey Want to serve the perfect Thanksgiving turkey without getting up early to start cooking? Cut it in half! It will cook in half the time, plus it will cook more evenly and retain much more moisture! See details in the related recipe here.

Tip: Resting Meats

Grill. Meat and vegetables char-grilled over flame As meat cooks, the muscle fibers start to firm up and progressively expel the water out. A large piece of meat will actually continue to cook for a few minutes after you take it out of the oven. When you take your roast out of the oven, the moisture still inside needs some time to redistribute back through the meat as the meat cools and the pressure comes down. If you cut into it right away, the liquid will actually pool out and your roast will end up dry. By letting it rest, the moisture is re-absorbed and your meat will be tender and juicy. Resting time is between 5-7 minutes for a small piece of steak and 15-20 minutes for a larger roast. To learn more, come to our Meat Cookery class on Monday, October 13! Sign up here.

Meals for a 12 hour Workday

Healthy Eating On the Go! Eating for a 12-Hour Shift without a Kitchen A local hospital hired our team to teach doctors how to eat healthfully during their long shifts. They need complete balanced meals and snacks that are easy to prepare, pack and eat without the convenience of a kitchen during their shift. It’s one thing to have a long day once in a while and resort to snack bars, though not on a regular basis. The body’s ability to digest, absorb and assimilate is assisted by even the simplest things, such as, food that looks good, tastes good and provides variety in the diet. We provided a fun, educational event to provide just what they needed. Our team from Kitchen on Fire set up a cooking venue at the conference center for the client’s off-site event. The client prepared and enjoyed six recipes. Throughout the event we provided nutritional benefits of each recipe, nutritional tips on general healthy eating, the importance of seasonality and organics, etc. The doctors had a great time and went home with a link to all of recipes with additional tips as well! Cooking for the Week An important element to having food for a 12–Hour shift is having time to cook it in the first place. We have a nutrition class called Cooking for the Week and we can include elements of that class for you as well. We will provide an example of how to shop, cook and package a 5-Day Plan for your workday meals in one afternoon with just quick assembly as you go through the week. click here to download the PDF form

Festive Seasonal Salad This is a full meal salad providing a balance of protein, fats and colorful complex carbohydrates. It has a base of marinated kale, quinoa, nuts and goat cheese before adding the array of colorful fruits and vegetables.  Also, it can be left out at room temperature if needed. This is seasonal and we will provide alternatives to change ingredients with the seasons. kale-quinoa-salad Seaweed Wrap Wrap up your colorful, healthy snack with endless possibilities of well-balanced colorful ingredients. This wrap starts and ends with a tangy sauce filled with good fats and protein with tahini, vinegar, lemon juice, tamari sauce and more. We will wrap up a variety of julienne fruits and vegetables, which may include fennel, bell pepper, daikon, carrots, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds nectarine, avocado and more. If you are not a seaweed fan, even after we explain all the good nutrients it provides, this can be made using romaine, blanched kale or some form of tortilla. seaweed-wrap-135535 French Lentil Salad Lentils are a hearty base to this convenient dish that is great warm, room temperature or cold. We will show you how to cook the lentils to perfection with tons of added flavor and nicely tender without turning to mush. Lentils may seem heavy when alone, though mixed with minced vegetables and with the optional added of some shredded chicken you have another option for a full meal anytime. lentil_0429 Roasted Chicken and Root Vegetables To start we will show you how easy it is to make great tasting roasted vegetables and chicken. The trick here is how to make it continue to taste good with or without the convenience of being able to reheat and/or perhaps it becomes a snack over a period of hours. We will show you how to make it delicious!
chicken with mushrooms and vegetables, stewed in wine. Style rustic . French cuisine
chicken with mushrooms and vegetables, stewed in wine. Style rustic . French cuisine
Carrot, Ginger and Sweet Potato Soup with Coconut Cream This is a beautifully bright blended soup. Packed with micronutrients and good fats and carbohydrates. Throw in some leftover shredded chicken from the roasted chicken in the last recipe and you have another full meal option. This will stay well in a thermos for hours, as it doesn’t have to be piping hot to be delicious. We will not pass on the opportunity to give this a little boost with some good curry, turmeric and ginger. 1_squash_soup0017 Polenta in a Ramekin or as a Muffin Polenta has great flavor to start, and it only gets better with sautéed vegetables, meat and cheese and topped with a little pesto or other homemade sauce and you have a great meal. If you want to leave the ramekin at home it can be sliced and slid into a pita or other ‘wrapper’ of choice. turkey-cheese-and-broccoli-muffins-5712


Build your Own Full Meal Salad   06-building-a-salad-2015-06-18-chart-only Nutritional guidelines for building a salad: A salad can be a complete meal if it includes all the nutrients you need at one time. Every meal (and snack) should include a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The full spectrum of nutrients is most easily obtained by selecting different food types. Each category below will inherently provide differing nutrients. In addition, pick a variety of colors as color represents types of antioxidants and/or phytonutrients, which help enhance your overall health. Read more here

Cooking for the week tip

lisa-miller-2812 Eat well everyday without spending all evening in the kitchen! Plan your meals to always provide for 2-3 meals from each dish.  Before serving, place servings for future meals in glass storage containers with the lid off to cool. Cover and place in the refrigerator when room temperature. It's a planned meal prepared in advance, not picked-through leftovers! Come see us next Sunday at Kitchen on Fire for a hands-on cooking class with the planning tools and a a complete run through on cooking for the week! Together with the students we cook everything, review the meal planning calendar and shopping list and prepare meals for all 5 days! All in 3-hours! Tip from Nutrition Consultant Lisa Miller dsc02814

Tip for a better Burger or ground meat cooking!

Top-of-the-line filet does not make a better burger! You need to use a cut with an amount of at least 15 to 20% fat for a juicier patty; ground chuck is a good choice. shish kebabs on wooden skewers