Private Cooking Parties and Team Building Events

From cooking parties with family and friends to corporate team-building cooking events, Kitchen on Fire can help make your next soiree one to remember. Our hands-on, private cooking parties are a great way to celebrate any occasion, bond with your coworkers or just have a fun and delicious night out!

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Here’s How a Cooking Party Runs



Invite family, friends or coworkers to our place or yours.
At our North Kitchen, the minimum number of guests is 4. Our space accommodates up to 30 guests for a Sit-Down meal, and up to 40 for a Cocktail meal. Click here to view our beautiful cozy North Kitchen
At our West Kitchen, the minimum number of guests is 4. Our space accommodates up to 60 guests for a Sit-Down cooking party, and up to 75 for a cocktail party. Click here to view our beautiful spacious West Kitchen


Pricing and Timing


Events last approximately 3 hours. Luncheon events begin anytime between 9AM – 11:30AM and start at a minimum of $1320 for 12 guests or fewer. Dinner events begin anytime between 4PM – 7PM and start at a minimum of $1680 for 12 guests or fewer.
Budget-friendly complete pizza workshop class for $75 per guest for a minimum group of 27.
All applicable charges and taxes are included. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES: I.E. RENTAL (Unless special request), CORKAGE, TAXES AND ALL OTHER COSTS ARE INCLUDED IN THE BASE PRICE.




Choose your own menu ahead of time. Menus change seasonally and can accommodate food allergies. Portion sizes are the same with all menus. SAMPLE COCKTAIL MENU

  • Similar to a tapas menu, our Cocktail Menu is served family style on platters around the room, enabling guests to mix and mingle while dining.


  • Our Sit-Down Menu is served family style at formal tables with linens, allowing for group discussions, gift exchanges, or even a bit of business during your meal.


Let the Cooking Begin!


Guests arrive and enjoy a complimentary fruit and cheese platterand a chance to chat and transition from the day to cooking time. This is followed by a brief lecture from our chefs, covering the recipes and techniques for cooking your meal. If you’re breaking your guests up into teams, we’ll do so now. Each dish from the menu you’ve chosen will have a station set up with the recipe ingredients and essential tools.After cooking for approximately an hour to an hour and a half, the food is served and everyone shares the delicious dishes that they so skillfully prepared!


Event Styles:

Private Cooking-Party
A fluid, house-party vibe, perfect for birthdays, graduations, showers, rehearsal dinners, or just to get friends together to cook.


Corporate Team-Building
A fun way to foster healthy competition and communication in the office. Split your group into teams, or we’ll assign teams for you. Each team tackles a recipe on your menu, but everybody enjoys the results!


“Battling Chef” Competition

There are two versions of the battling chef to select from for your event! One provides more structure (recipes) the other provides more creativity (no recipes) though also ups the hands-on learning with a chef for each team! Both provide a fun and competitive environment. Personality, cooking savvy, and creativity of your team members may lead you chose one versus the other. You may also start with one and select the other for a future event!

Battle Option #1–$150/person Battle Option #2—$165/person
The Chefs Team can ask questions of the chefs at the event Each team will have one assigned to work together to create their own dishes
The Recipes Determined by event coordinator from your organization No recipes! Determine them with your team Chef!

Click here for a more detailed comparison of the two event styles. Additional menu options for video taping, aprons, and other items for your team can be available with advance notice.

There is a version of Battling Chefs in the Basics series. Click here to learn more about the Basic series and the final battle in week 12.


Kitchen on Fire Aprons

Give your team members a souvenir for this memorable event! Your team can purchase Kitchen on Fire aprons for $20 each with an advance notice of 14 business days. Otherwise we do provide aprons for your use during your event in our kitchen.


Budget Cooking Party
Complete pizza making workshop for groups of 27 or more. Play with dough and create your own pizzas!


Wine & Other Beverages

We offer complimentary sparkling and still citrus-waters, and will provide natural sodas and fruit juices for an additional $3 per guest. Bring your own wine/beer/spirits – there is no corkage fee at Kitchen on Fire. Take your menu to our friends at Vintage Berkeley wine shop (just around the corner on Vine Street) for a wine pairing consultation and a 10% discount on any bottles you purchase for your event with us.

We also have partners that we can hire on for wine pairing demonstrations during your event. For more information about incorporating a wine pairing activity with your event, please reach out to us for availability and pricing.

Get Started Planning Your Event

You and your guests will leave your event fully satisfied with fantastic food and lifelong memories. Contact us now to get started planning your event on the following page.

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