Tip – Healthy Eating during the Holiday Season!


A Healthy Way to Approach Eating Out for the Holidays

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Dinners and Cocktail Parties! Here are some helpful tips to enjoy the party and the food, without paying for it later.

  1. Enjoy a holiday pre-dinner drink that contains bitters vs. going for the glass of bubbly. The bitters actually originated years ago as a digestive aid. They will help prime your belly for the food to come to enhance digestion.
  2. Start with anything that has some dark greens (i.e., Arugula or Brussel Sprouts) or something fermented or pickled (i.e., Cornichon). This is a continuation of the ‘bitters’ theme. Just like bitters, bitter foods help prime your system to handle the mix of foods that might be coming throughout the evening. Bitters can soothe gas and bloating, relieve heartburn, encourage digestive enzyme, bile and HCL production, relieve upset stomach, help maintain blood sugar levels, and support liver function.
  3. Manage your serving sizes even while snacking. While at a cocktail party consider counting plates based on how much food is on each plate, i.e., if you put about ¼ of a normal dinner serving on your plate. Limit yourself to four plates. Then you will still have a little room for dessert without feeling stuffed or throwing off your system.
  4. If you think there will be a lot of snacks and not much that you are really interested in making into a full dinner portion, eat first! Get in some good healthy protein and fats before leaving home. You can then snack and still feel you have what you need to keep your body going all evening without indulging in things you’d prefer to avoid.
  5. Hydrate! Hydrate all day and during the party as well. You will thank yourself the next day!


Lisa M Miller, BS, NC
Certified Nutrition Consultant