Our Philosophy

We believe in the importance of high-quality seasonal ingredients, minimal preparation, maximum flavor, and zero stress. Our Michelin- and classically-trained chefs use local, organic ingredients whenever possible and we support small local growers and markets. We bring together chefs, home cooks, newbies and foodies to share the simple notion that cooking for family or throwing a party with friends can be excitingly easy. Armed with the tips, tricks and techniques learned in our kitchen, you’ll be on fire in your own kitchen making the most fabulous, healthy meals of your life.

Our Owners

With deep passion for sharing delicious food and life-long dedication to healthy living, co-owners Olivier Said and Lisa Miller can be found in the kitchen or working with students or clients in some capacity every day of the week.

Kitchen on Fire Chefs

At Kitchen on Fire we pride ourselves on offering our students the culinary and nutrition information you want and need to know. Our classically-trained professional Chefs provide their unique expertise and culinary point of view to each class. In addition, we have an abundance of experienced and knowledgeable Contributing Chefs teaching virtually all cuisines and wellness topics. And of course any good team needs a strong support system. We are thankful for all our team members you’ll find in the back of our kitchen and working alongside our chefs as apprentices. They take care of all the details in their own way and make each event at Kitchen on Fire possible.

Chef Mat

Chef Kevin

Chef Gaby

Chef Tim

Community Outreach

Kitchen on Fire has a heart and soul that reaches far beyond its kitchen doors. Giving back to our community fuels our vitality and best of all, giving back is always in season. A passion for providing culinary and nutritional education, regardless of social situations, drives us to reach out to those most in need. Though we host educational, culinary adventures at our Berkeley based kitchens, you’ll also find us in the community teaching those less fortunate how to feed themselves, their families, and even forge a culinary career.

Chef Olive with Kitchen on Fire has been part of the Kitchen of Champion Program since its creation in 2007.
As part of their training the candidates are feeding more than 700 people a day, most of these people are homeless.
See pictures here.

Kitchen on Fire recently helped train 60 chefs from the Oakland Unified District to conduct cooks training at KoF kitchen.

This past August our cooks and managers attended a training at Kitchen on Fire in West Berkeley.

Chefs Olive and Rick Beeman conducted hands-on lessons on knife and kitchen skills as our staff were introduced to new California Thursdays recipes developed with the help of the Center of Ecoliteracy.

Watch for these new recipes – oven-baked chicken, pasta Bolognese, grilled cheese, and Jambalaya coming soon on Thursdays. California sourced, California prepared! Many thanks to Kitchen on Fire for the kind donation of your facilities and time to OUSD and thank you to Center for Ecoliteracy for the great photos! Photo Credit CEL.
See pictures here.

Feeding the 5000 in Oakland

It turns out that there is such a thing as a “free lunch”. On Saturday, October 18th Oakland residents convened in Frank Ogawa Plaza to feast on vegetable soup, smoothies, and bread for free as part of an event called Feeding the 5,000. Organized primarily by EndFoodWaste.org, with help from Feedback – a non profit organization whose aim is to end food waste and hunger – the event was the first of its kind in the United States and not only fed attendees but inspired everyone to think differently about food.

“A third of the world’s food is wasted, which is an environmental and social disaster,” said Tristram Stuart, founder of Feedback. That’s why organizers and volunteers worked tirelessly to rescue perfectly acceptable food that would have otherwise been destined for trash cans or compost bins.

For this event, 2,000 pounds of sweet potatoes, carrots and onions, and 1,000 pounds of fruit were salvaged from farms in the San Joaquin Delta and Salinas Valley, as well as from wholesalers and distributors in San Francisco and Alameda Counties. In addition to the lunch, over 9,000 pounds of produce, also rescued, were given out for free during the event!
Check the Zero Chef’s website link for that event here.

One of our adventures took us out to Contra Costa’s ARC facility with Lisa Miller and Chef Olive.
This organization does an amazing job of helping those with developmental disabilities. We had an opportunity to start their day off right with a healthy breakfast cooking demonstration. Check out this cool video from the day –

Cooking Matters is another one of the life changing outreach programs with which Kitchen on Fire partners. Cooking Matters educates low income families on the mechanics of shopping and preparing healthy, nutritious, budget friendly meals. We steer families away from the supermarket’s processed food aisles and help them navigate the colorful and bountiful options available when shopping for real food. By introducing them to the health benefits, budget savings, and delicious nature of whole foods, we can help change the destinies of those possibly facing a lifetime of health issues caused by poor diet. Kitchen on Fire loves helping Cooking Matters with such an important mission. Click here to find out more about our friends at Cooking Matters.

Our customers continued support of Kitchen on Fire goes a long way. We thank you for contributing your culinary dollars to our school, and making it up possible to continually change our customers’ lives as well those less fortunate in our community.